Tesla to Invest $1B in Dojo Supercomputer; 100 Exaflops by October ‘24

Tesla to Invest $1B in Dojo Supercomputer; 100 Exaflops by October ‘24

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To achieve level 5 autonomy, Tesla needs sufficient computing power. The company is investing $1 billion in the Dojo supercomputer, which will begin production soon. The supercomputer will provide fast training of neural networks, which means faster achievement of full driving autonomy.

During the Q2 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk talked about the development of th Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta. He said that to achieve level 5 autonomous driving, high computing power is needed. It would provide faster rapid training of neural networks (NN). Until recently, this has been a fundamental limitation of progress.

“The fundamental rate limiter on the progress of full self-driving is training,” said Musk. “If we had more training compute, we could get it done faster.”

Tesla recently gave an update on the production of its Dojo supercomputer, but during the call, Musk went into some further detail. He said the company would soon begin production of its training computer. According to the plan, it should take place sometime in July. However, we should take into account that there may still be some delays. Tesla intends to spend more than $1 billion on Dojo for capital expenditures and research and development.

The company is already running a large supercomputer powered by Nvidia GPUs. However, the new Dojo is being built to order using Tesla-designed chips. Musk said that Dojo would be capable of an exaflop, or 1 quintillion floating-point operations, per second. Tesla expects Dojo to deliver 100 exaflops by October 2024. To imagine the power of Dojo, keep in mind that it could do in one second what a regular desktop computer could take billions of years to complete.

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