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Tesla China To Increase 4000 Superchargers in 2020 for High Demanding Model 3

Tesla China To Increase 4000 Superchargers in 2020 for High Demanding Model 3

This year, Tesla plans to add 4,000 V2 and V3 Superchargers throughout China, which will significantly increase the number that is currently available.

China is the largest car market in the world and an important market for Tesla. The company's cars are in high demand, which will only grow over time. In preparation for the expected sales growth in the country, Tesla is busy with installing a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles that will satisfy customer needs.

Tesla China’s official announcement, said the company said it plans to expand its Supercharger Network nationwide in the second half of 2020, and the current COVID-19 pandemic will not affect the plan, according to

Tesla currently has around 2,500 Superchargers and 2,400 charging stations in China. The number of them will increase by 60% on an existing basis after the completion of the construction of 4,000 Superchargers.

Source: usine-tesla

Tesla is installing its Superchargers in busy urban areas in China where residents and visitors can easily charge their vehicles. The stations are being built in nearby grocery stores, downtown districts, and shopping centers. In addition, Tesla is building charging stations along highways in mainland China.

Tesla's lower power Destination Chargers are typically installed at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers, allowing customers to charge their Tesla vehicles for a few hours or overnight.

Tesla's Superchargers are capable of charging a Tesla vehicle in about 30 minutes. But V3 Superchargers will ultimately reduce the time it takes customers to charge by an average of 50%.

China is becoming the largest market for Tesla, which built its factory in Shanghai. Before the viral outbreak, Tesla reported that Giga Shanghai was close to reaching a 3,000 per week production rate. Before the Q1 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla informed investors that Giga Shanghai not only achieved a 3,000 per week production rate, it was also close to manufacturing 4,000 a week.

This means that the need of the Chinese market for a large number of charging stations is obvious. Tesla China is ready to meet the needs of its customers, significantly increasing the number of Superchargers.

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