Tesla to Open Part of Supercharger Network in Canada to All EVs

Tesla to Open Part of Supercharger Network in Canada to All EVs

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Tesla will open part of its extensive Supercharger network in Canada to all electric vehicles by the end of the year. The company has a plan to further expand the availability of charging stations for non-Tesla electric vehicles in the coming years.

Later this year, Tesla will open part of its Supercharger network in Canada to other electric vehicles, the country's government announced (via Drive Tesla). By the end of 2025, the company will have approximately 750 Supercharger stalls available for use by various EV brands. The news comes as part of a $35 million investment announcement to install nearly 3,000 new electric vehicle chargers in Ontario.

The government said Tesla will first open some Supercharger stalls between Sudbury and Ottawa later this year. At the moment, their exact number is not reported. However, it is known that by the end of 2025, Tesla has committed to open 750 charging stalls in public places wherever the site hosts allow it.

Supercharger stations will include V3 Superchargers and will also be equipped with Magic Dock CCS connectors. The all-EV Superchargers will be located across Canada, with a focus on the trans-Canada route from Ottawa to Calgary.

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