Tesla Will Soon To Open The 1st Store in Slovenia

Tesla Will Soon To Open The 1st Store in Slovenia

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Tesla will soon open a store in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, which will further expand its influence in Europe.

Last week, Tesla posted 2 posts on the company's website that involve working in Ljubljana.

"We are looking for a new TA for our new store opening in Ljubljana. Are you up for the challenge?"

The company is looking for Tesla Advisor and Store Manager for full employment.
Tesla Advisors are Tesla's front lines in giving customers a personalized experience as memorable as their products themselves. This starts with sales — welcoming guests, capturing leads, conducting test drives, financing — but sees the interaction through to the customer receiving their vehicle and becoming part of the Tesla family.

The Store Manager will be responsible for driving sales, mentoring Tesla Advisors, and promoting excellence in customer service. Additionally, the Store Manager will be responsible for deliveries in in the store's operating area.

At the moment, Tesla does not yet have stores or a service center in Slovenia, and this store will be the first. There are three Supercharger stations in the country.

Source: Tesla website

In August 2019, Tesla began selling its cars in a number of Eastern European countries, including Slovenia. Surely this contributed to sales growth and the company saw the point in placing its store there. Now, with the advent of the official Tesla store in Slovenia, not only residents of this country will be able to easily and quickly buy cars, but also residents of nearby countries.

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