Tesla to Present Optimus, Model S & X Plaid at CIIE 2022 in China

Tesla to Present Optimus, Model S & X Plaid at CIIE 2022 in China

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Tesla will take part in the CIIE 2022 exhibition, where it will present its achievements in various fields. The company said it will introduce its lineup of vehicles, including Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid, as well as the new humanoid robot Optimus.

Tesla will once again take part in the 2022 China International Import Expo (CIIE). CIIE will be held November 5-10 at the National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It is a large-scale trade and diversified exhibition, which will host a combined exhibition area for government trade and investment, as well as an exhibition area for enterprises and businesses.

Tesla will reveal to guests some of its exclusive electric vehicle manufacturing secrets, as well as showcase the latest advances in the manufacturing process. At CIIE 2022, the company will also showcase its advanced manufacturing concepts and technologies. In addition, on October 28, Chinese media reported that Tesla announced that it will show its Model S Plaid, Model X Plaid, and the humanoid robot Optimus, which was only unveiled to the public one month ago.

Tesla Bot uses the same powerful computer vision as the company's vehicles; the “brain” that processes visual data, makes action decisions, and maintains connectivity and communication also uses the same chip as Tesla cars, FSD functions, and neural network technology. At the end of September, the company unveiled two prototypes of Optimus: one of them was a crude version on the exterior, but was able to move independently, waving hands and turning the body. The second prototype was similar in appearance to what the first production version of the robot would look like, but at the same time, it had a more limited set of motor functions than the first prototype. At the moment, it is not known which version or if both prototypes will be presented in China.

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