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Tesla to Offer Giga Berlin Tours After Main Building & Visitor Area Fully Completed

Tesla to Offer Giga Berlin Tours After Main Building & Visitor Area Fully Completed

Photo: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin is one of the manufacturer's newest factories and builds vehicles using the latest technology. As soon as the construction of the main building and visitor area are completed, Giga Berlin will open tours for visitors.

Built in record time by German standards, Giga Berlin continues to ramp up production. The factory has several times opened its doors to visitors and held a few events, including informational events outside its walls. To be even more open to the public, it looks like the company is planning to open the factory for tours that will help anyone familiarize themselves with the latest manufacturing processes used to build cars.

On September 11, Tesla held an information event in Germany. 40 employees of the company shared important information with the public at 10 booths. These include the factory's water consumption, logistics, the battery plant that Tesla is currently building, and more. All this information was extremely important for local citizens, since the factory is located in their country.

However, @Gf4Tesla/Twitter, who also attended the event, drew attention to information that would be of interest to everyone, regardless of their country of residence. Giga Berlin will offer public tours of the factory to visitors once the main building and visitor area are fully completed. The Tesla employee did not provide any more information, so any additional details will be announced later.

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