Tesla 2020.8 Update

Tesla 2020.8 OTA Update Enables Driving Visual Improvements In Europe


Tesla's next update will be 2020.8, and it will introduce driving visualization capabilities to drivers in Europe, among other features. 

News of Track Mode V2 hinted that Tesla would be releasing a software update soon. Back in January, a member of Tesla Motors Club, Mobile3228, shared in a community thread that Tesla Mobile Service had stated that 2020.8 would be the next major release.

According to Tesla Owner Online, the next update will introduce driving visualizations and 3rd-party chargers in Europe. The Bay Area in the United States will also be able to charge in 3rd-party power stations. 

Track Mode V2, which Tesla unveiled yesterday, will most likely be introduced in the 2020.8 Update as well, along with Bluetooth improvements and bug fixed to Voice Commands.

Recently, Tesla's 2020.8 Update was found installed in vehicles. According to Teslascope, at least two Tesla vehicles have successfully downloaded and installed the company's version 2020.8 update. 

One of the cars was a Model 3 in Orland, Florida. Telescope reads that a Performance model received the update just 7 hours and 56 mins, as of this writing. The last software update that particular Model 3 Performance received 2020.4.1, which was installed five days and 2 hours ago. 

Both the 2020.8 and the 2020.4.10 software update have Autopilot 2.5, which suggests that Tesla will not be releasing a full version of its Full Self-Driving feature in the upcoming update. Other than Europe gaining driving visualizations, nothing else has been shared or reported about any significant changes to Tesla Autopilot. Tesla's release of its Full Self-Driving feature has not been mentioned either.  

However, Tesla may be keeping quiet about the subject. There haven't been any patch notes released about the 2020.8 Update yet. So it may be too early to rule out Tesla's feature-complete FSD just yet.

Recently, Tesla has been ramping its AI department. At the start of 2020, Elon Musk invited anybody with the skills to apply to Tesla's AI team. The Tesla CEO wanted people with the skills and initiative to work to apply. He even stated that a person's educational attainment or background was not necessary at the top of his list of qualities for the job, either.

Based on a recently published Tesmanian report, Tesla also just rolled out its 2020.4.11 software update. Versions 2020.4.11 was especially beneficial to Tesla's Model S and Model X since the update increased both of the vehicles' displayed estimated range.

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