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Tesla V4 Superchargers Coming to Norway & UK

Tesla V4 Superchargers Coming to Norway & UK

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The installation rate of Tesla V4 Superchargers in Europe continues to grow. It has recently been noticed that new locations are being prepared in the UK and in Norway. After the opening, the total number of V4 Supercharger stations in the world will reach eight.

Tesla continues to add V4 Supercharger sites to its charging network. These are new charging stations that will provide a better user experience. Six have already been opened in Europe, namely in the Netherlands, Austria, France, and Germany. However, more are planned.

According to @EstherKokkelman/X, citing information from the Tesla Owners Club in the UK, a V4 Supercharger station was installed at a Tottenham service center. As of August 17, this charging station was in the process of being installed. According to the photos, the piles were already installed, but not yet covered by the case. Once opened, this Supercharger site will be the seventh in the world.

In addition, previously leaked information has revealed that another V4 Supercharger station is planned for Swindon, UK. It will have 16 stalls and an output power of up to 350 kilowatts. This place could become the eighth, but at the moment, no detailed information has been received from the place. Instead, we have already heard about another V4 Supercharger site that is in the process of being installed.

In a post on August 18, @EstherKokkelman reported that a new Tesla charging station has been spotted in Gardermoen, Norway. According to the picture, at least 16 stalls are planned. All of them are pass-through, which makes it more convenient to park for charging or charge an electric vehicle that is towing. Once opened, this location will become the eighth V4 Supercharger site in the world.

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