Tesla Vehicle Saves Driver's Life After Frontal Collision, as Safety Is Top Design Priority

Tesla Vehicle Saves Driver's Life After Frontal Collision, as Safety Is Top Design Priority

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A Tesla car saved its driver’s life after a violent head-on collision with a van, as safety is the top design priority of the company's vehicles. While the Tesla occupant left the car on his own power, the driver of the van was freed by a rescue team and unfortunately had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter.

On June 21, a serious accident occurred on the highway near Trebujena, Spain, which required urgent action by rescue services and even a helicopter to quickly transport the victim to the hospital. Emergency services were required due to the head-on collision of two vehicles on Jerez-Trebujena road. The driver of the van, who, in violation of the rules, was overtaking three vehicles at once, drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a Tesla passing there at high speed.

Rescuers freed a man who was trapped in his van. Sadly, his injuries were severe and required an urgent helicopter transfer to the hospital. Meanwhile, the Tesla's driver was able to leave the wrecked car on his own power. Although he was hospitalized for two days, he is grateful to Tesla for saving his life.

Angel, a Tesla driver, assures that he is relatively "healthy" after a head-on collision with another vehicle, he said in a statement to lavozdelsur.es. “I remember everything, I didn’t faint,” he said. Angel suffered an abdominal injury, but doctors discharged him from the hospital on the second day of hospitalization. “I didn't even wait for an ambulance, I was able to get out of the car myself,” he said. "I felt like I was swimming, surrounded by airbags, with very bad stomach pain."

Angel said that if he was in a different vehicle, his injuries would be significantly more serious. After the accident, he stressed the need to “invest in safety.” Since Tesla has no engine in front, it has large crumple zones, which is excellent at absorbing impacts. This feature of Tesla's design likely saved Angel's life.

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