Tesla Car’s Automatic Emergency Braking Likely Saves Life of Child on Scooter

Tesla Car’s Automatic Emergency Braking Likely Saves Life of Child on Scooter

A Tesla vehicle again has likely saved a life, this time of a carefree child who suddenly darted out in front of the car on a kick scooter. The Model 3 began to break before the driver could react and avoided a truly horrific collision.

The Tesla Model 3 owner from China shared a video and story about how his car saved the life of a child, while he himself thought that the collision was already impossible to avoid. The AEB intervened before the driver could react, which made him deeply grateful for being in a Tesla and not another car.

The video shows that the car was driving past parked cars near an apartment building. Suddenly, literally 13 feet in front of the car, a child jumped out from behind one of the parked cars on a kick scooter. It initially seems that the accident could not be avoided, but the Model 3 begins to brake before the driver has realized the situation and begins to press the brake pedal.

The complexity of this situation was that it was a small child and it was completely impossible to notice him while he was behind a parked car. The Tesla's driver admitted that at that moment his thoughts were very confused, and he even thought that he would not have time to react. Only after that, he tried to apply the brake, but it turned out that the car had already braked. His Model 3 helped to avoid an accident that would have had dire consequences.

The thing is that sudden situations on the road can occur even with attentive drivers. The small stature of the child did not allow any driver to see him/her before it was too late. In this situation, the driver had literally one second to brake, otherwise, the collision could not be avoided. The difficulty lies in the fact that at a moment of such high anxiety, a person cannot think quickly and clearly, therefore, a human-driver may not have time to react. Only thanks to the system of sensors and cameras, the Tesla car was able to react so quickly and correctly to this situation—likely saving a child’s life.

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