Tesla Vehicles Are The Car Thief’s Worst Nightmares

Tesla Vehicles Are The Car Thief’s Worst Nightmares

The thief who stole Tesla Model S was caught by the police when he tried to charge the car.

Every year in the world there are hundreds of thousands of car thefts. Only about 60% of stolen cars were found and returned to their rightful owner. But when it comes to Tesla cars, the situation is different.

Tesla, which has many protection systems, is a very difficult prey, and even those few, that were stolen were returned to their owners anyway. According to a report presented last year, the likelihood that Tesla vehicles are about 90% less likely to be stolen than the average car. Well, even among criminals it is known that Tesla does not need to steal, because it will end badly for them. So it was in the case, which Tesmanian reported earlier.

But an offender from the Czech Republic decided to commit this crime, which he probably now regret. The circumstances of the car theft remain unknown, except for the fact that thief stole Model S in Prague.

Tesla Servis Clinic on Facebook reports that the thief was detained while trying to charge a stolen car. After the Model S was almost completely discharged, the thief did not know how to charge it, so he went to Tesla Servis Clinic (a third-party Service Center), where he hoped to get help.

It turned out that the employees of this service center had already serviced this car and knew its owner, therefore, when another person turned out to be the driver of the vehicle, they resented vigilance and decided to check their suspicions. They called the legal owner of the car and asked if his car had been stolen. Their suspicions were turned out to be true, since the owner confirmed that a crime had occurred, so the service center employees called the police. After 10 minutes, the police arrived at the service center and detained the offender.

Source: Tesla Servis Clinic

This thief can now well realize that Tesla is not the car that can be so easily stolen. It should be noted that even if the thief had not been caught with the help of the service center, the police would soon have found him anyway. All Tesla cars are equipped with always-on GPS and connectivity that make them easy to track.

Also, if you activated Sentry Mode, then you can get a video of the crime. Also, thanks to this mode, you will receive a notification on your phone that your car is in danger, and if you react quickly, you can catch it before the thief steals the vehicle.

Tesla is constantly trying to improve the protection of their vehicles from theft. Additional security levels are the “improved cryptography” key fob and optional “PIN to Drive” feature. If the key fob is not used, then it is better to store it in a special bag that blocks the signal. If the owner activates the “PIN to Drive” function, then the person who wants to drive the car must enter the set PIN code.

Tesla’s cars are difficult prey that thieves are unlikely to catch. For the vast majority of criminals who decided to commit a crime against Tesla vehicles, this ended with a nightmare and imprisonment.

Featured image: Tesla Servis Clinic/Facebook

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