Tesla Vehicles Drive More than Any other EV

Tesla Vehicles Drive More than Any other EV

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Tesla car owners certainly enjoy their vehicles a lot. According to the study, they drive more than the owners of any other EVs on the market.

The automotive market is increasingly updated due to the release of new electric vehicles. Consumers are increasingly choosing EVs as their vehicles. An important part of this transition is the creation of electric vehicles with a long-range and wide charging network that allows owners to move to different places.

Tesla has succeeded on both fronts. Its electric vehicles have the largest range of any and its Supercharger network is the most extensive in the world. That is why Tesla owners are using their cars much more frequently and driving longer distances, according to research from iSeeCars (via Drive Tesla).

Tesla Model X is the most used electric vehicle. Owners drive an average of 10,378 miles a year. Tesla Model Y, with 10,199 miles per year, is in second place. Tesla Model 3 with 9,960 miles is in third place. Tesla Model Y is in fourth place with 9,340 miles per year. Thus, all Tesla cars are used by owners most often among all EVs. Meanwhile, Porsche Taycan comes in last place with 4,846 miles per year, well below even its closest competitor.

“Tesla drivers come the closest to matching the driving behavior of traditional car owners,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Without Tesla, the average miles per year for EV drivers would drop from 9,059 to 6,719. It’s also interesting to see the Porsche Taycan, a direct competitor to the Model S, being the least-driven electric car. At 4,846 miles a year, it’s driven about half as much as the Model S at 9,340 miles per year.”

The Most Driven 3-Year-Old Electric Vehicles – iSeeCars.com Study
Rank Model Avg. Miles Driven Per Year Avg. EPA Battery Range (miles) Avg. Price
1 Tesla Model X 10,378 341 $76,193
2 Tesla Model Y 10,199 316 $49,406
3 Tesla Model 3 9,960 279 $37,909
4 Tesla Model S 9,340 378 $66,105
3-year-old EV average 9,059 279 $45,147
5 Hyundai Kona Electric 8,260 258 $29,961
6 Chevrolet Bolt EV 7,753 259 $25,928
7 Audi e-tron Sportback 7,210 218 $53,602
8 Jaguar I-PACE 6,910 240 $51,090
9 Hyundai Ioniq Electric 6,803 170 $24,748
10 Kia Niro EV 6,630 239 $32,301
11 Nissan LEAF 6,395 190 $25,917
12 Porsche Taycan 4,846 226 $117,484

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