Tesla Vision Park Assist Receives First Reviews & They’re Positive

Tesla Vision Park Assist Receives First Reviews & They’re Positive
Tesla Vision Park Assist, which recently began rolling out, is getting early reviews. Customers report positive user experiences but indicate that some improvements are needed.

Tesla has begun rolling out software update 2023.6.9 to vehicles not participating in FSD Beta testing. Along with it, customers have access to Tesla Vision Park Assist, which relies only on camera “vision” and does not use ultrasonic sensors (USS). This feature was first seen in FSD Beta v11.3.2 code last week, but previously, Tesla owners have not provided public feedback on its operation. On March 25, Tesla officially announced the rollout of the feature, and within a few hours of that, the first reviews began to appear.

In the fall, Tesla stopped equipping its cars with USS, which was not to the liking of car owners. Without this equipment, users began to have difficulty parking vehicles in tight spaces, as there was nothing to measure the distance to nearby objects. After a few months, Tesla began rolling out a feature that replaces USS. In addition, it will give more information about the environment of the car than was given by USS.

According to the release notes, Tesla Vision Park Assist “uses the occupancy network to predict high-definition outlines of objects 360 degrees around the car.” The video shared by owners shows the car giving a warning if there is some kind of obstacle next to it. @EVBaymax/Twitter also measured the actual distance to the obstacle with what his car determined, and it turned out to be pretty accurate.

@teslaisntaflex/Twitter has also had a positive experience with Park Assist. He noted that the feature works fairly accurately for the most part, and is very careful with curbs when reversing. In addition, he noted that, in his opinion, Tesla Vision Park Assist gives a more accurate visualization than the pop-up curves on USS cars.

@AZohrri/Twitter also commented that the feature works well, especially since it is a pretty early version. While the company still has a lot of work to do, he is pleased that Park Assist “was decent for the most part.”

There is a big difference between the USS version of Park Assist and the machine vision solution, Tesla Vision Park Assist. Whereas USS measured the distance to nearby objects only in front and behind the car, vision-based Park Assist “sees” around the car in 360 degrees. Although the company still has some work to do, over time they will improve it, making it an indispensable parking assistant.

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