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Tesla Volunteers Continue their Support of Ukraine

Tesla Volunteers Continue their Support of Ukraine

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Since Russia started the war in Ukraine, the whole world has united to provide Ukrainians with help in the fight against the invader. The country has received assistance from countries, individual companies, and people. From the first days, Elon Musk and his Tesla and SpaceX have rallied to help Ukraine and Ukrainians in this difficult struggle for independence, sovereignty, and life. Tesla volunteers are continuing to provide support to Ukraine.

Immediately after the Russian attack, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, sent Starlink to Ukraine to get uninterrupted Internet. According to US intelligence analysts, Russian military spy hackers were behind a cyberattack on a satellite broadband service that disrupted Ukraine’s military communications at the start of the war. In addition, attacks on power lines have made it much more difficult to access the Internet. SpaceX continues to supply Starlink to Ukraine to secure military and critical installations with Internet, as well as creating kits that will help to use them even in the event of a power outage.

On Friday, Tesla published a post on LinkedIn, which was spotted by @tesla_adri/Twitter, talking about the selfless work of Tesla volunteers in an effort to help Ukraine. Tesla wrote that volunteers provide assistance “with custom-designed off-grid power units, solar panels and free electric vehicle charging to assist drivers providing aid.”

To provide off-grid access to power, volunteers prototyped and deployed custom Powerwall kits. In the shortest possible time, they did a large amount of work in order to provide a high-quality solution to an urgent problem for Ukrainians as soon as possible. Thus, “when paired with any of the 250 solar panels dispatched by volunteers at Giga Berlin, these mini power plants provide continuous energy by recharging Powerwall with solar,” wrote Tesla.

In addition, the volunteers created a tutorial video showing a simple step-by-step assembly. This video was discovered about two weeks ago and contained extremely useful information. At that time it was published on YouTube only by link and was not publicly available, so it was impossible to say for sure that it was created by Tesla volunteers. The video explained how you can deploy a mobile power station in minutes without actually taking the equipment out of the box. Each unit can begin providing power in five minutes, with no tools or technical experience needed.

In addition, Tesla once again shed light on the fact that it is helping Ukrainian EV owners and those EV owners who travel to the border of Ukraine to transfer humanitarian aid or transport refugees. The company has included free Supercharging for Tesla cars and other manufacturer's EVs at Superchargers in countries bordering with Ukraine. According to Tesla, since the inclusion of open access to its Superchargers, usage on sites bordering Ukraine has doubled.

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