Tesla Was Granted a Patent for Cybertruck Folding Seats Design

Tesla Was Granted a Patent for Cybertruck Folding Seats Design

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Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with many new technologies that qualitatively distinguish it from other cars and make it as convenient as possible for universal use. The folding front and rear seats are an integral part of this and Tesla was granted a patent for the Cybertruck’s seating design.

One of the striking features of Cybertruck is that it has a third seat in the front row. However, it is not just a seat, but an element of the vehicle, designed for maximum versatility. According to the idea, the third seat, which is located in the middle between the driver's and passenger's seats, is folding. When an extra seat is not required in the car, it folds down and becomes an armrest that has the drink holders.

December 21, 2021, Tesla was granted a patent for the Cybertruck seats design. Although the patent does not describe it in detail, it does include drawings showing what a folding front seat looks like and an indication of its functionality.

In addition to the drawings of the front folding seat, the patent shows the rear seats. From the rearview, it is clearly visible that all three seats can fold down. This is unusual for pickup trucks and usually, the access from the bed to the cab in pickup trucks is through the rear window. However, it seems that Tesla has pushed the boundaries by making Cybertruck even more universal. The folding rear seats not only allow for long loads but also make the pickup truck ideal for use as a camper. This will appeal to many consumers, as the vehicle's all-encompassing versatility, combined with its performance and affordability, is the best option.

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