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Tesla White Seat Challenges started with Elon’s tweet

Tesla White Seat Challenges started with Elon’s tweet

Snow-white seats in the car at the same time dazzle and frighten people. Such a salon makes it irresistible and radiant, forcing anyone who gets in the car to admire its beauty. But at the same time, surely each of them will worry about how difficult it is to take care of the seats.

Indeed, light and white seats are usually a big problem for their owners. The main problem is dyeing clothes and spilled drinks. If you take into account that the family has children, then these problems only worsen, because besides the fact that they actively move on the seat and can stain it, children often drop something, spill it and can use a pen or felt-tip pens in order to make salon of the car "more fun." All this leads to the fact that owners of cars with a white interior have to worry much more and more often do a dry cleaning salon.

But, for Tesla owners, the situation looks very different. In December 2018, Vincent/Twitter from Tesmanian received the delivery of his black Model 3 with a snow-white interior. He shared a photo of himself and his son inside a car on Twitter. Literally 20 minutes later, under his tweet, a comment appeared that the combination of white seats and a child makes this person nervous.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to this tweet and assured that the white seats in the car are actually very stain resistant, so even if you spill red wine on them, it will be easy to erase it and the seats will be the same like before.

"Challenge accepted", sounded in the head of the Tesla owners, which provoked a wave of videos about how the snow-white seats of the car can be tested by the most unexpected samples.











The snow-white seats of Tesla remained irresistibly beautiful even after what they had to experience for themselves. These tests have become excellent evidence that the California automaker is striving to make its cars as attractive as possible and at the same time, caring for them should not require extra measures. Even if you stained your seats with something that would probably leave stains on other surfaces, in most cases, you can remove it with simple wipes.

Thanks to all members of the Tesla community who courageously took a chance and experienced snow-white car seats for stain resistance.


Featured image: Hey Ashley Renne/YouTube

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