Tesla to Add Automatic Seat Heating Controls to Mobile App in New Version

Tesla to Add Automatic Seat Heating Controls to Mobile App in New Version

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Tesla's auto heated seat control is a very convenient feature that can deliver optimal comfort to car owners and their passengers. Now the new feature will be integrated into the new version of the mobile application to make the setup even more convenient.

Tesla's big holiday update, unveiled in December 2021, delighted many car owners as it brought some long-awaited features along with entertainment. One of these features was the auto heated seats, which made the use of Tesla cars even more comfortable and convenient. When activated, the function automatically adjusts the level of seat heating based on the interior temperature.

In order to adjust seat heating, owners must touch the seat icon on the driver or passenger side on the screen. The seat operates at three levels from 3 (highest) to 1 (lowest). The seat icon displays twisting lines that turn red (heating) corresponding with the set level. Auto, which is displayed when the climate control system is set to Auto, warms up the front seats based on the interior temperature.

At the moment the control of this feature is only available on the car display, but it seems that this may soon change. Drive Tesla Canada has learned from a source that this feature is due in the mobile app. A small “Auto” button will appear below the heating intensity bars, with which it will be easy to control this function. Clicking on it, the owner will be able to switch between standard controls or new automatic controls. According to the information provided, this feature is currently undergoing internal testing and will likely be included in version 4.7 of the mobile app.

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