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Tesla Giga Berlin Seeks to Create 7,000 Jobs From January 2021, & Hiring Already Started

Tesla Giga Berlin Seeks to Create 7,000 Jobs From January 2021, & Hiring Already Started

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Tesla has aggressive targets for the work of Giga Berlin. From January 2021, the company plans to create 7,000 jobs there.

Tesla's factory is due to begin operations in the summer of 2021, which means that all required personnel must be ready to get started on time. Before starting production, all workers must undergo training and begin trial production, so it’s not surprising that recruitment is already in full swing.

According to the employment agency, the first 200 people are already employed for the warehouse in Giga Berlin. In addition, the first engineer positions may have already been filled. In early November, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Germany to conduct a personal interview with the engineers who are to be part of the 25 Guns team. People occupying one of these positions should become problem-solvers for Tesla and have a quick and efficient solution to all problems associated with Giga Berlin.

The employment agency announced that Tesla applications will begin in December. The project team was created together with agencies in Cottbus and Berlin. New employees will also be recruited from those who are currently unemployed. It should be noted that, in connection with the COVID-19 crisis, the unemployment rate has increased. The starting monthly salary is expected to be €2,700 ($3,200).

Employment agencies in the region are working together with Tesla to find workers. "Tesla is an asset for Lausitz," says Marion Richter, operational manager at the employment agency in Cottbus. From the beginning of the year, the job interviews will start on a large scale, she said.

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