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Tesla Will Develop Dedicated Robotaxi with Futuristic Look, Says Elon Musk

Tesla Will Develop Dedicated Robotaxi with Futuristic Look, Says Elon Musk

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Tesla will develop a 'dedicated robotaxi' that will have a futuristic look, Elon Musk said during Cyber ​​Rodeo, which marked the grand launch of Giga Texas. The robotaxi network will have a huge scale and will use full self-driving (FSD).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk came up with the idea of ​​creating a network of Robotaxis that can drive, park, and connect to each other using Tesla's FSD technology. To this end, the company plans to develop its own app in which customers can call a car or add their car to the network. Musk previously said that, for an auto company to be successful, it must succeed in two fundamental technological disruptions. One is electrification, the other is autonomy. In his opinion, electrification alone is not enough. Therefore, Tesla is working hard to develop its FSD and has already achieved great success with FSD Beta, having over 60,000 testers in the US and expanding in Canada.

Tesla's Robotaxi fleet must have the technology and data to become a top autonomous ride-hailing platform. Tesla already has the technology and millions of miles of real data, so it's close to realizing the plan. In addition, during the Giga Texas grand opening event on April 7, new details regarding Robotaxis emerged.

Musk stated that Tesla will create a dedicated autonomous robotaxi that will "look futuristic." This means that the company will develop a new vehicle that will be designed specifically to operate on the Robotaxi network, thus making it ideal for transporting people. It can, for example, be more spacious for a greater quantity of passengers, but still have high comfort, making travel cheaper for consumers without sacrificing their comfort.

These vehicles can also be used in the tunnels of the Boring Company, increasing the passenger capacity of this type of transport and thereby reducing the load on public roads. In addition, cars that constantly carry passengers will not take up parking spaces, thereby increasing the amount of free space in cities.

Musk predicts that the Robotaxi network will have a "massive scale" and is undoubtedly right in this. In addition to transport companies, individuals who own Tesla cars can also connect to the network. As long as the car is not in use by the owner, it can be used as a robotaxi. Thus, while you are, say, at work, your Tesla can make money for you, thereby generating income.

"Massive scale. Full self-driving. There's going to be a dedicated robotaxi," Musk said at the Giga Texas event.

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