Tesla Will Start FSD Beta Rollout in Canada in February, as Previously Planned

Tesla Will Start FSD Beta Rollout in Canada in February, as Previously Planned

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Tesla will start rolling out FSD Beta in Canada in February 2022. While this feature will be rolled out cautiously, for now, the rollout schedule remains the same as previously planned.

Tesla FSD Beta is a highly anticipated feature among owners around the world. In the US, it began to be tested at the end of 2020, with a limited number of owners. Over the next six months, FSD Beta was rolled out to about 2,000 testers. After the feature overcame key issues and became safer, Tesla began rolling it out widely in the US to drivers on request. It should be kept in mind that FSD Beta is available only to those drivers who have the highest driving safety ratings (based on Safety Score Beta) since, despite its abilities, it needs the driver's close attention and ability to intervene at any moment.

In mid-January, CEO Elon Musk announced that in addition to the US, FSD Beta will soon be available to Tesla owners in Canada. According to his statement, this feature is supposed to be rolled out in February. He clarified that the process will be carried out very carefully, apparently due to the fact that the roads, signs, and traffic rules have some differences from those in the US, and the company still has a lot to improve for FSD Beta in Canada.

Tesla owners in Canada look forward to when FSD Beta becomes available to them, so they are periodically interested in progress. Responding to another question about the timeframe for the start of the rollout, Musk confirmed that it is still slated for February. Although the month will end in nine days, the company still has time to roll out the feature on time. However, we should also take into account the fact that the manufacturer faces a difficult task, so even if the deadline is not met, this should not cause outrage, because safety should be above all.

It was first reported that Tesla began testing FSD Beta in Canada in September 2021, when one of the owners (probably a Tesla employee) posted a series of six videos on YouTube. In the video, FSD Beta went through a series of different tests on the roads of Ontario. The fact that the owner was able to post the video indicates that Tesla has given permission to do so and is gearing up for a wider release to the market.

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