Tesla Wins Kelley Blue Book's 'Best Luxury Overall Brand' 3 Years Straight as its Cars Are the Clear Choice

Tesla Wins Kelley Blue Book's 'Best Luxury Overall Brand' 3 Years Straight as its Cars Are the Clear Choice

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Tesla wins Kelley Blue Book's “Best Overall Luxury Brand” for the third time in a row because the maker’s stylish, high-tech electric vehicles with stunning performance and high range are the most attractive to consumers. This award demonstrates that Tesla is true to its mission and makes every effort for its electric vehicles to take over the global automotive market.

Kelley Blue Book, a California-based vehicle valuation and automotive research company that is recognized by both consumers and the automotive industry, has once again named Tesla as “Best Overall Luxury Brand.” This award was received by Tesla for the third year in a row, which only confirms the authority of the manufacturer and its relentless drive to create the most desirable vehicles. The award was received as part of the Brand Image Awards 2022, which recognizes automakers for whom the public is especially enthusiastic about the maker’s cars.

For the Brand Image Awards 2022, Kelley Blue Book drew on the opinions of over 12,000 respected new car buyers. The respondents were consumers who had done extensive research on the Internet before making a purchase. This demonstrates that Tesla is the best choice, especially for those consumers who have been very selective in their purchases.

Tesla cars once again won the award due to the fact that they combine the latest technology, high performance, big range, and excellent safety. “Electric power, style, and high tech characterize Tesla. But it's the stunning performance and the ability to travel 300 miles or more on a single charge that closes the deal. The Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla, while the Model S sedan and Model Y and X SUVs cater to customers requiring room for cargo and passengers,” Kelley Blue Book noted.

In addition to the “Best Overall Luxury Brand” award in the 2022 Brand Image Awards, the brand has also received the “Best Value Luxury Brand” award and the “Most Refined Luxury Brand” award. The combination of these awards demonstrates that Tesla is focused on bringing to market the best product that provides the perfect ownership experience for owners and captures the love and sympathy of consumers, which is decisive in the global switch from ICE vehicles to electric ones.

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