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Tesla Works with Massive Retailer Target to Install Superchargers in Many Cities

by Eva Fox August 29, 2020

Tesla Works with Massive Retailer Target to Install Superchargers in Many Cities

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On December 10, 2019, Tesla and Target entered into an agreement for further cooperation, reported @MontrealTesla/Twitter. Tesla received permission to file and pursue permit applications for the possible installation of Tesla Superchargers, as well as other car charging facilities and equipment at several Target store locations.

Target is an American company that operates a network of retail stores under the Target and SuperTarget brands. It is one of the largest retailers in the United States. Placing Tesla Superchargers near its stores will be incredibly convenient for owners of the company's electric vehicles.

This authorization is valid until December 31, 2020. According to Exhibit A of this document, the California-based company may install Superchargers and other car charging facilities and equipment at the following 38 Target locations:

At the moment, Tesla is already installing and commissioning the Superchargers at a number of locations. @thekeifer1 reports that Tesla's new Supercharger is opening soon at the Target in Nashville/Brentwood.

A V3 Supercharger for 8 stalls recently appeared in Copiague Long Island next to a Target store, much to customers’ satisfaction:

This is not the first time Target has partnered with Tesla to roll out charging stations for electric vehicles. In the spring of 2018, Tesla partnered with Target stores and other property owners to install charging stations for its Supercharger and Destination charging networks. Such cooperation, in turn, is also beneficial for stores where chargers are located.

Tesla strives to make the experience of owning its electric vehicles as positive as possible. Charging infrastructure at convenient locations is key to this.  Tesla cars are becoming more and more popular; as the company continues to find ways to make its cars more affordable, this popularity will only grow. Businesses like Target appreciate Tesla’s growth and green values. And what benefits Target’s customers, benefits Target. It’s a win-win for all parties, including the environment.

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