Tesla's $25k Car Model Could Come in Near Future, Says Company's VP in China

Tesla's $25k Car Model Could Come in Near Future, Says Company's VP in China

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Thousands of people are awaiting the unveiling of Tesla's new car model, which the company says should cost around $25,000. The market launch of an affordable electric car from Tesla will determine the further development of the global automotive market, as many people will prefer an environmentally friendly EV rather than an ICE car that pollutes the environment with exhaust gases. The company's VP in China expects the market launch of a new affordable Tesla model already in the near future.

During the 4th China International Import Expo, Tesla China VP Grace Tao said that in the near future, the market will be able to see cars independently designed and manufactured by the Chinese team on the country's roads, according to The Paper. The fact that Tesla’s executive in China began to speak openly about this may indicate that the company is not far from completing the project.

"I hope that in the near future, not only will Chinese-made models reach nearly 100% localized productivity, but we may also be able to witness models completely independently designed and manufactured by the Chinese team driving on Chinese roads. Next, we will continue to strengthen our technical cooperation with domestic industry chain partners and will increase the localization rate of the supply chain, and at the same time promote the integration of Tesla and China's local economy to achieve common development."

In early 2021, before the start of the Giga Shanghai expansion, Tesla received approval for an environmental impact report from the Lingang Area Development and Construction Management Committee. The project will carry out tests related to the launch of a new model and research work at the existing plant, including testing of important equipment and manufacturing processes. According to the document, the testing cycle is about six months for verification, and coordination of parts and functions, etc.

In early January 2021, Tesmanian reported that in September 2020, according to rumors, Tesla had already developed a new car model, and would soon be ready to start production at its Giga Shanghai. The affordable compact car was expected to be produced and delivered in 2022. If we combine the known facts and some rumors, then Tao's statement confirms the guesses, and the market may indeed soon get an affordable electric car from Tesla.

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