Tesla 4680 ‘Million-Mile’ Battery Is Already Here, Hints Clever Video Soundtrack

Tesla 4680 ‘Million-Mile’ Battery Is Already Here, Hints Clever Video Soundtrack

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Tesla Battery Day did not yield a direct answer to a question that many were eagerly listening for. During the presentation, the cherished words that Tesla's new battery will last one million miles were not sounded. However, this does not mean that the company has not achieved this. A new video from Tesla hints to us that the company has reached its goal, and its new 4680 batteries will last at least one million miles.

January 17, Tesla posted a new video inviting experts to join its battery cell team. The video was accompanied by the song, ‘Honey Bee’ by Don Hinton, in which the cherished words "walk a million miles" ring out. This has become a great Easter egg that indicates the company's success in developing a million-mile battery.

Back in October, the head of Tesla's battery research team, Jeff Dahn, shared some details of his research during an Energy Storage & Sustainable Engineering videoconference. Dahn revealed that, after three years of testing, he found that his cells had a lifespan of over two million miles. He has tested his battery over 20,000 cycles at a depth of charge-discharge of 100%, and found that his battery can last 15,000 cycles and still have 90% of its capacity. If we multiply 15,000 by his estimated driving range of 217 miles, we get 3.25 million miles in the worst-case scenario, which is when the battery fully discharged and charged every cycle. Therefore, Tesla's progress in obtaining a battery that lasts a million miles is obvious.

Anyone who follows and tries to figure out what Tesla is doing can understand this game from its atypical CEO Elon Musk. Musk never thought standardly and did not do what others expected of him. Parts of the Tesla community and analysts were angry that the company did not announce the long-awaited million-mile battery on Battery Day, and didn't realize that Tesla had already achieved it. The bottom line is that the million-mile battery was just a positive side effect of what the company actually achieved. In-house mining of valuable metals, building high-tech factories to make batteries, new designing, and new battery chemistry are the real achievements of the company, which will ultimately lead to something more than batteries lasting a million miles.

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