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Tesla's First V4 Supercharger Station Lands in Asia

Tesla's First V4 Supercharger Station Lands in Asia

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Tesla opened its first V4 Supercharger station in Asia, which is located in Hong Kong, China. The move marks the introduction of new charging stations in Tesla's three main regions.

Tesla has confirmed that Asia's first V4 Supercharger station has officially been installed in Hong Kong. It is located at Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay and is now officially operational. With three V4 supercharger stalls located at Lee Garden One, and 12 V3 Supercharger stalls at Lee Garden Three and Hysan Place, it is the largest charging center on Hong Kong Island, according to Pandaily.

Tesla's regional director, Fan Jingyi, said that the V4 Supercharger is equipped with longer charging cables to make it easier for owners of other brands to use. Current charging power is up to 250 kW per vehicle. However, the system will be updated OTA in the future to improve charging efficiency. As for the charging fee, it will be similar to the current V3 system and will be approximately HK$3.05-4.05 per kilowatt-hour (approx$0.4-0.5).

Tesla is the most popular electric car brand in Hong Kong. As of August this year, of the 18,000 newly registered electric vehicles, 6,415 were Teslas. Tesla currently has 65 V3 Supercharger sites and 124 destination charging stations in Hong Kong, covering all 18 districts. Tesla partner Hysan Development announced that the number of upgraded Tesla stalls in the area will increase to 165. The expansion will include 15 Supercharger sites and 150 destination charging stations.

The arrival of the V4 Supercharger in Asia means Tesla has officially launched the new product in its three main markets: Europe, the US, and China. Europe was the first to have new charging stations and has the largest number of them. Recently, the company also began rolling out the V4 Supercharger in the US, where two locations have already been spotted.

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