Tesla's Latest OTA Update Will Bring New Features for Chinese Owners; TeslaMic on Sale Now

Tesla's Latest OTA Update Will Bring New Features for Chinese Owners; TeslaMic on Sale Now

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The new OTA update developed by the Chinese Tesla team will bring many new features to owners in China. One of the novelties was the expansion of the karaoke functionality, so the manufacturer released TeslaMic, which is already on sale.

The first OTA update of Tesla in honor of the Year of the Tiger, developed by a Chinese team, will bring a lot of interesting entertainment features that will appeal to Chinese owners. Today, the company shared the details of the update, emphasizing that it was developed by the Chinese Tesla team, which best understands what local owners want.

The update will add KTV (karaoke) functionality to the car. The karaoke club (or KTV) is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among the local people in China, so the new feature is sure to bring great joy to Chinese owners. In order to access full functionality, owners will need to purchase TeslaMic from the Tesla online store. Sales of the device have already started in China. The set consists of two microphones and costs RMB 1,199 ($190). The first batch of TeslaMic has already sold out, indicating the great success of this feature. A new batch of devices will be available at the end of February.

The update will also bring the popular music app Netease Music to Chinese users and optimize the user interface of the Bilibili video platform.

In addition, the update will also allow users to customize the color of the car displayed on the center screen, and the color displayed on the Tesla app will match. This will allow all owners to customize the color of the car reflected in the interface, which was at the request of owners. The "exterior" can be configured for Model 3 only, and "Custom Colors" are for Model 3 and Y.

Tesla is also optimizing the navigation interface by adding road conditions to the navigation. Navigation now displays real-time traffic data on main routes and secondary routes so that owners can choose a more appropriate and convenient navigation route.

The Supercharger icon, which was removed from the top right corner in the previous update, has been re-added, allowing users to tap on it for quick access to information about nearby Supercharger stations.

At the moment, the company has not announced when the new update will be released, but it is expected that this will happen on February 1, the day of the Chinese New Year.

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