Tesla's Plan to Open a Supercharger Network for All EVs Is Deeply Aligned with the Mission

Tesla's Plan to Open a Supercharger Network for All EVs Is Deeply Aligned with the Mission

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Recently leaked information indicates that Tesla's plan to open up its Supercharger network to all EVs is moving forward. Currently, the company does not plan to cooperate with EV manufacturing companies, but will simply provide access to EV owners through the Tesla App.

Twitter user @mirekbujna recently posted information that Tesla is allegedly going to open Superchargers for third-party electric vehicles. He pointed out that they would simply need an adapter and Tesla App to do this, although pricing remains unknown at the moment.

Tesmanian's source also confirmed that the information provided by @mirekbujna is correct and Tesla is really going to make access to the company's Superchargers easy for absolutely all EV owners. Thus, any EV owner, having an adapter for charging and a Tesla App on the phone, can easily charge his/her electric car by choosing a stall to activate, and make payment directly to Tesla.

The idea of ​​opening a Supercharger network for non-Tesla vehicles is not new. At the end of December, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that "Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars," meaning that some other EVs besides Teslas can already be charged there. However, according to the head of the company, until now it was done "low-key" and on a small scale, apparently hinting at Aptera, for instance. This American company recently unveiled a solar-powered three-wheeled electric vehicle with fast charging, and according to the photos, the car used a Tesla charging port.

Musk has always been committed to helping the world move towards sustainable energy and electric cars have become a big part of that plan. In an effort to achieve a global goal, as soon as the Tesla Supercharger network becomes wide enough, it will be open not to other manufacturers, but to people who own EVs and strive to change the climate situation by purchasing them. This once again demonstrates Musk's commitment to helping the world. His plans and goals have always been focused on long-term prospects. This is why Musk still remains deeply misunderstood by those who cannot think globally and look into the future, foreseeing problems and trying to solve them--or at the very least, sincerely striving to better understand them.

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