The Boring Company gets approval for Las Vegas Loop underground transportation system

by Eva Fox October 20, 2021

The Boring Company gets approval for Las Vegas Loop underground transportation system

Image: The Boring Company

Clark County Commissioners have approved plans to promote The Boring Company's expanded underground transportation system, which will run under the Las Vegas Strip and connect to the Allegiant Stadium and University of Nevada. The Vegas Loop will have many stations and will be able to transport tens of thousands of people an hour.

Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve plans for The Boring Company's Vegas Loop tunnel system. The decision comes after Boring's first commercial project, the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, opened in June and Teslas vehicles began transporting convention participants through underground tunnels to various conference rooms. The system has shown its best side, proving its advantages.

This decision by the Clark County Commissioners moved the Boring Co. closer to digging the 29 miles of tunnel that will constitute the project. The tunnel will contain 51 stations that will combine many important locations, including hotels between the Allegiant Stadium and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The company will be able to start implementation after receiving the necessary permits.

The new tunnel will be built in stages to bring benefits as quickly as possible. As soon as the excavation and improvement of each individual station is completed, it will immediately open while Boring Co. continues to dig the tunnel further. During the first 6 months of the project implementation, the company intends to build from 5 to 10 stations. Then, 15 to 20 stations will be added every year. The construction of the entire tunnel is planned to be completed within 3 years.

Boring President Steve Davis told the Las Vegas Review that the complete network will move approximately 57,000 passengers per hour. He also said it would be a point-to-point system, which means passengers won't have to stop at every station on their way to their destination.

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