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Tesla Giga Shanghai Again Demonstrates “China Speed” In Phase 2 Construction, MIC Model Y May Start Production In Advance

Tesla Giga Shanghai Again Demonstrates “China Speed” In Phase 2 Construction, MIC Model Y May Start Production In Advance

Featured image: 乌瓦 / Youtube

The construction speed of Giga Shanghai continues to amaze everyone. The latest drone video shows that Tesla is expanding the Gigafactory 3 at an astonishing rate.

According to the latest video of June 4, construction crews are completing Phase 2. 3 months after the start of construction of the 3A and 3B areas, the capping will be completed soon. So the speedy completion of the construction of these areas means that the Chinese production of Model Y can begin much faster than previously planned.

Source: 乌瓦 / Youtube

Despite the rainy season that has now begun in China, the construction of the second phase of the project has not been stopped. We can see that the roof of part 2A of the Phase 2 was laid. As of June 4, only less than 1/10 of the roof of the entire northern factory building was not laid.

Source: 乌瓦 / Youtube

In addition to the main building of the Phase 2, other workshops also accelerate construction. The stamping shop has begun internal installation, the factory design on the side of the power shop also supports more steel frames, the external walls of the CUB3 (assembly facility for the Model Y) have been reinforced. Buildings near the southeast corner took shape. Tesla is also approaching completion of the molding facility, adjacent to the southern part of the main assembly building for the Model 3.

Source: 乌瓦 / Youtube

On June 3, the Tesla China website launched a configurator for Model Y. According to Tesla's website, Chinese customers can now order made-in China Model Y. Estimated production time is early 2021. So, production is expected to start as soon as 2021. The price of the Long Range is ¥ 488,000 ($ 68,580), Performance will cost Chinese consumers ¥ 535,000 ($ 75,185).

The first Model Y deliveries began in North America in March, which is half a year faster than previously planned. Tesla produces cars faster every year than before. The accumulated experience is used in order to implement their plans as quickly as possible and provide customers with cars that are in high demand.

The Model Y is a compact SUV. Such a car model is becoming increasingly popular, so the demand for it is growing rapidly. In 2021, Europeans will also be able to get the first Model Y made in Germany, as the new Tesla Giga Berlin factory is being built rapidly.



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