The contract for the purchase of a site for the German Tesla Gigafactory can be signed before the end of this year

The contract for the purchase of a site for the German Tesla Gigafactory can be signed before the end of this year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in mid-November that a European factory would be built in Grünheide near Berlin. Construction can begin in accordance with Tesla's plans in the first half of 2020, and in two years the factory plans to produce Model Y electric cars and batteries. Tesla plans to invest about 4 billion euros in the construction of the European Gigafactory. The first step is to create 3,000 new jobs, later up to 8,000.

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Oder-Spree District Administrator Rolf Lindemann said in early December that they needed to adapt transport and social infrastructure to the new requirements. “Now it's just a matter of creating a working environment, and there is a ball on the Tesla playing field,” Lindermann said. Now Tesla needs to provide the competent authorities with all the necessary documents for approval.

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Tesla must wait for the approval process before it can begin building his European plant in Grünheide near Berlin. But the Oder-Spree district wants to move fast. Landrat Rolf Lindemann told the German media agency in mid-November that as soon as they received the first planning documents, they would immediately begin work. "Every day, we look forward to receiving the first documents," said Landrat Rolf Lindemann.

"We will definitely have to put in a higher pace than the airport," Elon Musk added, referring to the notorious delays of the building of Berlin's BER airport.

After several years of delays, Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) will open next fall after technical testing of the latest series, said its CEO Lütke Daldrup.

The head of the airport in Berlin hopes for the same dynamics from the authorities of Brandenburg, as in relation to Tesla.

The contract for the sale of the site for the Tesla factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) can be concluded before the end of the year. This may require a special meeting of the finance committee in the state parliament a week before Christmas, Brandenburg Finance Minister Catherine Lange said at a commission meeting. Possible dates for the special session are December 17 or 18. Since the site is state property, the committee must agree to the sale, Lange said.

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To produce the planned factory in Grünheide in Brandenburg, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla founded the European stock corporation company Tesla Manufacturing Brandenburg SE. According to the Federal Newspaper, it is owned by the Dutch Tesla International BV and is headquartered in Brandenburg an der Havel, the daily newspaper Die Welt reports.

The new company will be responsible for the design, import, distribution, sale, maintenance and repair of electric vehicles, as well as energy storage and solar systems.

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