Tesla Model Ys Spotted at Port of Belgium in Europe as Giga Berlin Production Nears

Tesla Model Ys Spotted at Port of Belgium in Europe as Giga Berlin Production Nears

Recently, five Tesla Model Ys were spotted in Belgium, which generated a lot of interest. The cars were shipped from the USA and will be used by the company. 

Twitter user @EstherKokkelman shared a photo showing five Model Ys, although there may have been more. The caption to the photo indicated that the vehicles were in Zeebrugge, Belgium. According to @mortenlund89/Twitter, the first Tesla ship in Q1 2021 arrived at Zeebrugge on February 8. Glovis Captain, which departed from San Francisco, USA, delivered Tesla Model 3 vehicles for Europe, but a few Model Ys were among them, according to the photos.

Despite the excitement created around the arrival of Model Ys in Europe, it should be noted that these cars are not the first official or private deliveries to Europe. Tesmanian's source said the vehicles will be used by Tesla, although their true purpose remains unknown at this moment.

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the demand for Model Y in Europe will be satisfied only by cars made in Germany. A few days ago, the company updated its Model Y online configurator in Europe, which listed the delivery date as mid-2021. This hinted that the construction of Giga Berlin is currently going according to plan.

According to the data obtained, it seems that Model Ys, which arrived from the Fremont factory, may become samples for their production in Giga Berlin. A few months ago, four bodies in white (BIW) were delivered to the factory. They will become models for the production of frame and body parts. At the same time, fully assembled Model Ys can become samples for production in all other stages of production.

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