First Sustainable Energy Project in Belgium Using Tesla Megapack Launches

Eva Fox by Eva Fox October 14, 2021

First Sustainable Energy Project in Belgium Using Tesla Megapack Launches

Photo: Joris Herregods

Large French energy and gas company Engie has installed a Tesla Megapack, a large battery for energy storage, at the Luik Natie facility in the port of Waasland in Belgium. With a battery system combined with solar panels and a wind turbine on site, Luik Natie is the first player in zero-carbon logistics in the Port of Antwerp.

The project, which used the Tesla Megapack battery, was opened on October 12 at the Luik Natie site. Earlier, Engie also installed 3,800 solar panels there in combination with a wind turbine, which provides over 4 MWh of renewable energy. Now, thanks to the Tesla Megapack, Luik Natie will be able to fully utilize the green energy generated and therefore return less to the grid, according to Nieuws Blad. The 1.25 MWh battery stores surplus solar and wind energy for use during periods when there is not enough wind or sun. The system also ensures reliable operation in the event of a voltage or power failure.

Engie finances the project through a third investor model. Luik Nati becomes the owner of the battery and solar panels after 10 years. The Flemish government contributes €168,000 out of a cost of around €800,000. Energy Minister Zuhal Demir said batteries are an ideal way for companies to unload the grid and reduce costs. "I sincerely hope that this collaboration between Engie and Luik Natie and the use of this battery in the transition to 100% sustainable energy supply can serve as an example for other companies in the port of Antwerp and the rest of Flanders."

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