Tesla Makes Q1's First Norway Delivery of Model 3 at Port of Drammen

Tesla Makes Q1's First Norway Delivery of Model 3 at Port of Drammen

Tesla continues to ramp up shipments around the world. Looks like the first delivery in Norway of Model 3 for Q1 2021 arrived at the port of Drammen.

In an effort to quickly and widely spread EVs, Tesla is in a hurry to deliver its ordered cars. The first shipment for this quarter to Norway arrived at the port of Drammen. Tesla vehicles were delivered by the ship 'Autopremier' on February 19. @mortenlund89/Twitter shared this information and provided a photo from security cameras at the port. In the photo, we can see at least 30 Model 3s, although the parking lot is only partially visible to us, and it remains unknown how many vehicles actually arrived.

In December, Tesla Model 3 shone again in the Norwegian market, selling the largest number of units of all EVs. Tesla registered 4,232 units, the highest in 2020, and the second in the history of the manufacturer's presence in the country's market. Tesla recorded 8,751 sales in Norway for the entire past year.

Norway continues to lead the way in the transition to clean transport. The recent growth in electric vehicle sales in Norway is partly the result of government efforts to restrict the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles. The country plans to move to clean energy by 2030 and strongly supports sustainable transport. The authorities intend to further increase taxes for owners of cars with internal combustion engines, as well as restrict their entry to a number of ​​streets. Their broader goal is to ban the sale of new vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2025. It seems that Tesla is one of the top customer choices in Norway.

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