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Giant Tesla Giga Texas Is Growing at a Tremendous Pace: A Construction Update

Giant Tesla Giga Texas Is Growing at a Tremendous Pace: A Construction Update

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/YouTube

The giant Giga Texas is growing at a very fast pace. In just one year, the huge building is nearly complete to be home for Model Y, Cybertruck, and Semi. The construction site is like a large anthill in which work goes on without stopping, and this is producing a wonderful result.

An observer of the construction progress of Giga Texas, Joe Tegtmeyer/YouTube, shared a video update of the construction process. The footage shows that preparation for the foundation continues to the west of the main building. This part will be connected to the main complex, and for this Tesla is building a new road that will connect Highway 973 on the west side. It will take place under the south bridge on the east side leading to the main factory site.

The construction of the main building is progressing at a really impressive pace. At the moment, most of the building already has a frame and a roof, and some parts of it already have a full shell. Tesla continues to install equipment in the completed premises.

In the western part, where General Assembly is located, we see a section of a new road that stretches to the north. Work continues there on the laying of trenches for sewer pipes. The building itself continues to grow southward and will soon reach the extreme point of that land.

In the northeastern part, the roof is being installed, which almost completely blocks the view of the Casting Workshop. It has now become difficult to see what is going on inside and how quickly new parts are being cast for Model Y. Soon, the building will be completely covered with a roof and walls.

Just one year after construction began, a huge building has been erected near Austin, where electric cars will be produced. With the launch of Giga Texas into operation, the prospects for for a better future will become brighter for humanity, as the factory will be able to produce hundreds of thousands of non-polluting cars.


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