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The largest meeting of Tesla owners in Japan was held today

The largest meeting of Tesla owners in Japan was held today

Tesla is not just a car company that is trying to sell as many of its products to consumers as possible, no matter what. Tesla is a way of life. Tesla cars have excellent characteristics and excellent design, which, combined with a relatively low cost, makes them desirable and popular. All Tesla’s cars are electric cars, as caring for the environment and helping people switch to renewable energy and sustainable energy is the company's main goal. The safety of Tesla's cars is confirmed by a number of independent tests, and the increased demand for its cars can cause doubts only for those who refuse to accept the facts.

Tesla has an incredibly strong community, because all of us are united not only by our love for the company's products, but also by the fact that we are following the company's goal. Almost all of us care about the environment and strive to use environmentally friendly vehicles. It is love and care for our planet that unites us all. We are more than just a community, we are a family.

Since Tesla is popular on almost all continents of the world, people are united in Tesla clubs. When meeting, the owners and enthusiasts of Tesla have the opportunity to have a great time in the company of like-minded people.

Today, thanks to the organizers, HAMMER@ながら充電普及委員, which with the help of テスカスsono106Tesloveshin Tesla modelX from Japan, the largest meeting of Tesla owners in Japan took place.

From the organizers: "This event is a meeting in which TESLA (EV) owners get together to discuss the various information exchanges and the existence of TESLA (EV).
The goal is to tell “right” and “fun” about TESLA and EV, as well as share “right” and “fun” with non-TESLA (EV) owners."

When 42 people with families take the time to meet with other Tesla owners, this says a lot. This makes it clear to us that people want to talk about Tesla, about the negative impact of gas-powered cars on the environment and about they want change and strive to make our planet cleaner.

Change cannot happen on its own, only our efforts will help achieve results. And if we want to change the future for our children, then we must start with changes in ourselves today.

Such meetings take place often, in different parts of our planet.
The Tesla family is growing every day, which means that more and more people in the world are striving to change it for the better.

Thank you Tesla, thank you Elon Musk, thank you everyone who is worried about our planet and makes it cleaner already today.

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