The New Tesla 2021 Model 3 & Y Adaptive Headlights

by K10 on twitter (@Kristennetten) January 01, 2021

The New Tesla 2021 Model 3 & Y Adaptive Headlights

The Tesla Model Y & the 3 refresh are now offering adaptive headlights. For those new to this adaptive headlight idea ā€” the lamps will follow the curve of the road and give a more solidified and lit up field of vision. This is an important step for autonomous vehicles with headlights correctly showcasing objects around curves and adjusting light beams appropriately.Ā 

Adaptive headlamps have been hard to bring to market in the US. headlights with changing beam patterns were not allowed to be used for night driving, where in European vehicles adaptive lighting is allowed.

Along with the adaptive lights, heated steering wheels, trunk lifts, and chrome deleted exterior are just a few of the design changes quickly rolling out worldwide. Tesla announced the changes with the new 2021 Model Y & 3 refresh released designs, back in October. Elon Musk, CEO stated in a company memo: ā€œQ1 2021, we expect all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to feature this new unit.ā€

Another interesting area of research is smart radar adaptive lighting. It will be interesting to see if Tesla utilizes this smart tech feature in the future.


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