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North Judson PD in Indiana Goes Electric, Adds Tesla Model Y to Police Fleet

North Judson PD in Indiana Goes Electric, Adds Tesla Model Y to Police Fleet

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Tesla vehicles are increasingly the preferred choice for police departments because they are highly efficient, do not pollute the environment, and offer significant savings in charging and maintenance costs. After research, North Judson, Indiana City Councilors approved the purchase of a Tesla Model Y for the Police Department's patrol fleet.

In the fall of 2021, North Judson, Indiana City began the consideration of buying a Tesla electric vehicle for the North Judson Police Department, as charging and maintenance costs were to be significantly lower than for a petrol vehicle. After scrutinizing the issue, North Judson City Councilors authorized Town Marshal Kelly Fisher to buy a Tesla Model Y to supplement the police department's fleet of vehicles, WKVI reported.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe said Fisher provided the council with all the information on the pros and cons of using an electric vehicle as a patrol car in the department. After reviewing all the information, saving on fuel and maintenance has become the most compelling argument. Tesla Model Y will be the first electric car in the police department fleet. As previously reported by Fisher, annual energy costs are estimated to be less than one-fifth of what the city currently spends on fueling one of its existing vehicles, while maintenance costs will also be significantly lower. The purchase price for the car was approved at $50,990. It is reported that the waiting period for receiving the car will be several weeks.

The use of Tesla cars as police cars is becoming increasingly commonplace since it fully meets the expectations for reliability, and has a number of significant advantages in comparison with cars with internal combustion engines. Most importantly, EVs are environmentally friendly, which helps cities and states meet their carbon emissions targets. In parallel with this, they bring significant savings in charging and maintenance.

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