Tesla in Germany: The Nursing Service Has 9 Teslas and 2 Model Ys on Order

Tesla in Germany: The Nursing Service Has 9 Teslas and 2 Model Ys on Order

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Tesla cars are increasingly being used as service cars. High efficiency, low maintenance costs, and zero emissions make them ideal for police or medical service. The Nursing Service in Germany is armed with nine Tesla vehicles and is awaiting delivery of two more.

Ole Bernatzki is the head of Ambulanten Hauspflege Dienst GmbH (AHD) in Jesteburg in northern Lower Saxony. Since 2019, he has been driving a Tesla Model S as a company car. A few months ago, the company also bought its first Tesla Model 3, and now it has added seven more to its fleet. In addition to Tesla's nine vehicles, the company has ordered two more—Model Ys—to be delivered next year.


The head of the company is a fan of electric vehicles and does not hide that he thinks a lot about Tesla. Bernatzki believes that the medical staff deserves to ride in a premium electric car, especially since the price of the Tesla Model 3 is not much more expensive than, for example, the VW ID.3, two of which are also in the AHD fleet. In addition, the nursing service also ordered a VW e-Up, but the delivery is quite delayed due to the manufacturer's problems.


The new Model 3 has been a great joy for the head of the company. Bernatzki is thrilled with the software and reliability of the Supercharger network. He also said that their cars have become a kind of advertisement, and already three new people have placed an order for Tesla cars on the company's website.


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