A Giant Tesla Powerpack Shipment Is Headed to New Zealand

A Giant Tesla Powerpack Shipment Is Headed to New Zealand

Powerpack has already been deployed to many locations around the world. The most prominent location was South Australia, where Tesla built the largest lithium-ion storage system in the world at the time. But Powerpacks continue to spread throughout all over the globe.

And now, a large shipment of Powerpacks is headed to New Zealand. Tesla tracker @VedaPrime/Twitter has spotted 46 Powerpacks, 232 kWh each, in transit to the country this week.

It is currently unknown if they will all be used for one project or for several different ones. However, this indicates that New Zealand is actively moving towards renewable energy sources. Currently, New Zealand gets about 80% of its energy from renewable energy sources. The country continues to take steps to switch to 100% by 2050, and Tesla's energy storage products play an important role in this shift.

Every Powerpack contains 16 individual battery pods, each with an isolated DC-DC converter. Pod architecture and onboard power electronics optimize performance across the array and enable easy swapping at any time.

Powerpacks use a high volume, high reliability architecture installed and operating in over 2 GWh of deployments worldwide. Combined with hundreds of embedded sensors, Powerpack offers unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability.

The Powerpack system scales to the space, power, and energy requirements of any site, from small commercial businesses to regional utilities. It can be configured in various arrangements, offering far more modularity than competing models.


Powerpack is a fully integrated, AC-connected energy storage system with everything needed to connect to a building or utility network. It dramatically simplifies installation, integration, and future support, offering system-wide benefits that far outweigh those of standalone batteries.

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