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The people in Norway choose Tesla Model 3 as car of the year 2020

The people in Norway choose Tesla Model 3 as car of the year 2020

Once on the roads of Norway, you will be surprised at how quiet it is. And the reason for this is that the Norwegians are eager to use electric cars (which are almost noiseless). In general, the number of electric cars in Norway amazes any tourist who has visited this small Scandinavian country. No wonder it is today included in the list of the three leaders in the number of electric vehicles per person (together with the USA and China).

The Norwegian government has come up with many ways to interest its citizens in buying electric cars:

  • the purchase of electric vehicles is partially funded by the state;
  • owners of electric cars are completely exempt from the annual payment of transport tolls and road taxes;
  • they receive many other useful “goodies” in the form of paying only half the price of ferry crossings, free parking and even the possibility of using traffic lanes for public transport.

According to Dean Side, people in Norway choose the Tesla Model 3 as their 2020 car. 31.99% of people chose the Tesla Model 3, immediately behind Tesla is Toyota RAV4, which scored only 7.66%. You must admit that such a big gap deserves great attention.

When Tesla Model 3 finally arrived in Norway, it had no analogues in the history of the country. Tesla overtook VW Bubble, which sold a total of 16,699 cars in 1969. Until October 2019, Tesla sold (or registered) 16,857 vehicles. Model 3 has 13,980 of them, while Model X has 1,781 units and Model S 1,096 units.

This makes Tesla Norway the best-selling car brand, ahead of Volkswagen, which sold 16,351 cars in the same period. Toyota is in third place with 12,967 cars sold.

And this means that Tesla Model 3 is the choice of the Norwegians. Model 3 is comfortable, has a reasonable price, has the highest safety features and superior performance.

Norwegians clearly state that they would like to choose a non-emissions car as the family’s primary car if they get a good alternative at the right price. And their choice is obvious, Model 3 is well suited to the needs of Norwegian families.



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