The Port of Königs-Wusterhausen will Receive Supplies for Tesla Giga Berlin from Summer 2021

by Eva Fox March 20, 2021

The Port of Königs-Wusterhausen will Receive Supplies for Tesla Giga Berlin from Summer 2021

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The port at Königs-Wusterhausen will receive supplies for the Tesla factory near Berlin from the summer of 2021. To this end, the port area will be increased by 25,000 square meters. Like for all Brandenburg, Tesla has become a salvation for the port, which four years ago was on the verge of destruction.

In order to build cars and batteries, Tesla will need many components, some of which will be shipped by sea freight. This was a real salvation for the port at Königs-Wusterhausen, which was in a state of crisis, RBB24 reports. Although it will not be used for water transport, it should now become a transshipment post for Tesla parts from around the world.

According to Port Manager Michael Fiedler, the components that will be installed in the vehicles produced at Giga Berlin will arrive in containers in Hamburg, after which they will go to Königs-Wusterhausen in a freight train. The inland port has rail links and is connected to the A10 highway that runs to Grünheide. Thus, the port is used not only for waterway transport, but also as a transshipment point between rail and road transport. This means that the water connection of the transshipment point and port, on the other hand, will probably not play a role for the business with Tesla.

The Port Authority began negotiations with Tesla early last year. Initially, 10 Tesla containers will be handled there every day, and later will increase to 100 containers per day. To this end, a second terminal is being built there, ready for operation in less than two weeks. The third terminal will be built on the south side. Fiedler said the tracks are currently loaded at full capacity and that he expects a significant increase in traffic with the commissioning of Tesla's Giga Berlin.


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