Tesla's Dominance Shines in the European EV Market: A Closer Look at Sales Over Time

Tesla's Dominance Shines in the European EV Market: A Closer Look at Sales Over Time

With the construction of new factories and the release of new car models, Tesla continues to capture a large share of the EV market, even as more and more competing companies and models of electric vehicles appear every year. While some media and analysts prefer to look at Tesla sales in Europe in isolation, and indicate that Tesla's share is declining, global data indicate otherwise. A slight decrease in the manufacturer's sales in the region in certain months of last year should not mislead you in any way, since the general situation gives a clear idea of ​​how Tesla's sales in Europe have evolved over the entire time.

@studentmoney_/Twitter, using data from EU-EVs, drew attention to the fact that since Tesla entered the European market in 2017, the brand's sales curve in all countries has been constantly growing. It is also noteworthy that Tesla's indicators differ significantly from those of other brands, in that they reflect a significantly larger number of sales. It is also fair to note the fact that the site does not take into account sales in all European countries, or statistics were started later than in 2017, but even this data gives a clear idea of ​​Tesla's dominance.

United Kingdom
Before Q2 2019, Tesla was inferior to Nissan, however already by Q3 2019, it gained a significant advantage, taking first place among all manufacturers who sold their EVs in the country. Since then, Tesla has remained dominant, and nearly doubled the sales of its closest competitor.

The EU-EVs data show statistics starting only from Q1 2020, however it points to the sheer strength of Tesla in the country. Starting in Q3 2020, the manufacturer's vehicles began to grow in popularity and quickly took the lead in the segment.

The whole world knows about the history of Tesla sales development in Norway. The company has achieved incredible success there and nearly 2.5% of households in the country own a Tesla car. Thus, the American manufacturer is the best-selling brand in Norway's EV market.

It is not often that we see news of Tesla's sales figures in Finland, however this does not mean that the company does not stand out there. Since 2017, Tesla has been the absolute sales leader in the EV market in the country.

In general, the picture of EV sales looks approximately the same in all other European countries, the statistics of sales of which are presented on EU-EVs.








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