Russian Ministry of Industry & Trade Invites Elon Musk to Discuss Possible Tesla Development in the Country

Russian Ministry of Industry & Trade Invites Elon Musk to Discuss Possible Tesla Development in the Country

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On May 21, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk joined the New Knowledge forum in Moskow, where he said that in the future his company may consider Russia as a potential location for the construction of production facilities. Now, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade invites him to a meeting to discuss possible development in the country.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke positively about Russia during the New Knowledge forum, a Kremlin-sponsored student event. He also said that Tesla is close to establishing its presence in Russia, because in the framework of global expansion, it will in the future potentially look for a place to locate a factory there. “I think we’re close to establishing a Tesla presence in Russia, and I think that would be great,” he said. "Over time, we will look to have factories in other parts of the world, potentially Russia at some point."

This statement attracted widespread attention not only in media but also the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, who invited Musk to lead a discussion on the matter. The agency published a message on its Twitter account, where it expressed joy in connection with the statement it heard.

"Dear Elon Musk, we were delighted to learn that you are considering building a factory in Russia. By the way, we have a number of state support measures for local OEMs. (Original equipment manufacturers - TASS). Come to see us, we'll talk about it :)
Best regards,
Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation"

Tesla aims to grow globally as the demand for its cars is growing faster than the company can produce them. At the moment, the expansion of its production facilities in China continues, as well as the construction of factories in the USA and Germany. Ultimately, these capacities will not be enough to meet demand, and then Tesla will have to continue looking for places for new factories.

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