Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Wallet Just Bought 321 BTC for $13M

Eva Fox by Eva Fox September 22, 2021

Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Wallet Just Bought 321 BTC for $13M

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The third-largest Bitcoin whale wallet just bought 321 BTC worth $13.2 million. Now, the whale's crypto holding totals 111,795 BTC, worth over $4.7 billion.

Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain registers, everyone can view information about a specific wallet. This made it possible to track the movement of Bitcoin on the largest wallets. Recent data has shown some of the changes that have just happened.

On September 21, the Bitcoin price dropped to a low of $39,787 and then rallied back above $42,000. According to data from, the third-largest Bitcoin wallet has used this opportunity to grow its holdings. Online data showed that the whale wallet bought 321 BTC at an average price of $40,500 per coin. At the time of the transaction, the total purchase price was $13.2 million. After this purchase, the whale's crypto holdings totaled 111,795 BTC, worth over $4.7 billion.

The owner of this wallet uses various opportunities to increase its stock. In May, they sold 9,000 BTC when the price ranged from $54,000 to $63,000. Despite the huge sale amount, this reduced the whale's total BTC holdings by only 9%.

Earlier this year, CryptoPotato traced whale wallet transactions and discovered that the identity is using Coinbase as the primary exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin.

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