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A New Hydro-Technical Unit Will be Built to Supply Water for Tesla Giga Berlin Expansion Needs

A New Hydro-Technical Unit Will be Built to Supply Water for Tesla Giga Berlin Expansion Needs

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Despite some difficulties with water supply for all four phases of Tesla's factory in Germany, the issue has already been resolved. It is planned to build a new hydro-technical unit in Hangelsberg, which will be able to fully supply water to all phases of the expansion of the factory.

Anke Herrmann, who is in charge of water and soil protection at the Ministry of the Environment, told RBB that the state plans to build new waterworks in the long term in Hangelsberg to supply water to Tesla's new factory.

“We anticipate that we will be able to obtain between four and six million cubic meters of additional water per year in the Hangelsberg region (north),” Hermann said. Exploration has shown that the state can count on a safe water supply. Thus, the new waterworks are expected to supply water to Tesla's factory and Hangelsberg Industrial Park in five years.

At the moment, at Phase 1 of expansion, the plant will need 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year. The American manufacturer and the Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE) have signed a contract for the supply and maximum consumption of 1.5 million cubic meters of water per year.

Previously, there were concerns that if the factory continues to grow in accordance with the plan and built all four phases, then it will reach the projected water consumption of 3.6 million cubic meters per year during peak periods. The WSE could not provide that amount of water. Therefore, the search began for a place to supply water to Giga Berlin.

As one of these possible solutions, a long water pipeline from Eisenhüttenstadt, which was about 90 kilometers away, was discussed. However, the cost of such a pipeline would be economically unfeasible, so the state continued to seek solutions. However, thanks to a new exploration of water reserves, it was discovered that the previously unused underground water reserves in Hangelsberg correspond to the volume of water that Giga Berlin intends to use.

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