Axiom Will Build An Inflatable Media Venue Module To Attach To The Space Station For When SpaceX Launches Tom Cruise To Film A Movie

Axiom Will Build An Inflatable Media Venue Module To Attach To The Space Station For When SpaceX Launches Tom Cruise To Film A Movie

Axiom Space, a company from Houston, Texas, offers spaceflight management services for civilians to visit the International Space Station (ISS). The company is also a space infrastructure manufacturer, it has ambitious plans to build its own space station in low Earth orbit. In May 2020, former NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the agency will collaborate with Hollywood action movie actor Tom Cruise to film a movie at the ISS. The actor’s spaceflight is managed by Axiom. “NASA is excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the Space Station! We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make NASA’s ambitious plans a reality,” Bridenstine said via Twitter. –“Should be a lot of fun!” the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk said in response. Cruise will launch aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, that will be launched to orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket sometime after the year 2024.


Today, January 20, Axiom announced that they were contracted by UK-based Space Entertainment Enterprise (S.E.E.) to build an ‘inflatable media venue module’ that will be attached to the Space Station. S.E.E. is co-founded by film producers Elena and Dmitry Lesnevsky, who will produce Cruise’s space adventure movie. The name of the film has not yet been revealed. The SEE-1 module will be “the world’s first content and entertainment studios and multipurpose arena in space.” It will be launched and attached to the Space Station by the end of 2024. Axiom shared an image of how the SEE-1 segment will look like when attached to the ISS, it looks like a round ball with a diameter of around 20-feet. After Cruise films the movie, the module will be available for other film producers to rent for their own projects.

When Axiom launches its own planned station the SEE-1 will be attached to it. “Axiom Station, the world’s first commercial space station, is designed as the foundational infrastructure enabling a diverse economy in orbit,” Michael Suffredini, Axiom President/CEO, said. “Adding a dedicated entertainment venue to Axiom Station’s commercial capabilities in the form of SEE-1 will expand the station’s utility as a platform for a global user base and highlight the range of opportunities the new space economy offers.”

Featured Images Source: Oblivion Film & Axiom Space

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