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Twitter Provides Elon Musk with Additional Data to Estimate Number of Bot/Fake Accounts & Draw Up Business Plan

Twitter Provides Elon Musk with Additional Data to Estimate Number of Bot/Fake Accounts & Draw Up Business Plan

Twitter provided Elon Musk with additional data upon request, so that he could estimate the real number of bot/fake accounts and draw up a business plan. The information previously provided by the platform was not enough to achieve the desired goal.

Twitter gave Elon Musk more user data. After the platform provided a buyer with a large historical database last week, it was not enough, Insider has learned. This new batch includes real-time data and, once processed, more details regarding the future of the deal are likely to follow.

Musk's request was formally filed on Friday when his lawyers sent a letter to Twitter's board alleging that the many terabytes of historical data the company sent him earlier in the week were insufficient and did not meet his expectations. Earlier this week, Twitter gave Musk's team access to new data, including real-time API information, which is expected to allow the necessary evaluation of bot/fake accounts on the platform. In addition, this data is needed to draw up a business plan and develop specific ways to improve it.

Twitter has long ignored Musk's requests for information to evaluate bot/fake accounts on the platform and has taken real action after filing a legal complaint against them. After a lot of Twitter users noticed strange activities with their accounts, including various types of bans (which the platform does not officially recognize), the inability to see the history of tweets published more than two days ago (which was noticed on the Musk account), the inconsistency in the number of comments indicated for of a particular tweet and the actual amount that could be seen, etc., Twitter provided Musk with a huge stream of data that turned out to be useless for his purposes. Although the platform continues to claim that it is doing its best to satisfy all the buyer's requests, given the facts, it seems that this is not true.

Real shifts towards cooperation only began after Musk's lawyers filed a formal complaint about failing to honor the deal and preventing the buyer from accessing the information needed to complete it.

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