Twitter Will Adopt Signal Protocol for Encrypted DMs, Says Security Researcher

Twitter Will Adopt Signal Protocol for Encrypted DMs, Says Security Researcher

Twitter continues to improve and may soon use Signal Protocol with end-to-end encryption in Twitter messages, showed lines of code discovered by a security researcher. The move will be in line with Elon Musk's earlier announcement that the platform will be moving toward it.

Earlier this month, Twitter's new owner Elon Musk said he was looking to implement an end-to-end encrypted Signal Protocol in private messages on the platform, and there appears to be early evidence of active work being done in this direction. Security Researcher Jane Manchun Wong noticed that references to the Signal Protocol have already appeared in the Twitter code for iOS devices.

Wong added that she is “also seeing this Signal Protocol library being statically linked into the Twitter iOS app,” in response to some questions about her discovery.

Signal is a free and open-source instant messaging and Internet telephony client application. The main focus of the development is on privacy and security. That is why Musk drew attention to it, and said back in April:
“Twitter DMs should have end to end encryption like Signal, so no one can spy on or hack your messages.”

Currently, private messages between Twitter users are not encrypted, which means they can be accessed by third parties and Twitter. Musk will change that by using the Signal Protocol with end-to-end encryption. Thus, it will ensure the safety of communication in private messages, and neither third parties nor the platform will be able to read your messages. It remains unclear why, in so many years of operation, Twitter has made no real effort to protect its users. What is clear, however, is that in less than a month, under Musk's leadership, the platform has been transformed and work has begun on a many fronts that will ultimately make the user experience amazing.

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