Tesla a Winner as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Accelerates Sales Ban on New ICE Cars from 2030

Tesla a Winner as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Accelerates Sales Ban on New ICE Cars from 2030

On November 18, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out his ten-point green industrial revolution plan to create 250,000 jobs and ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2030 as part of a broader package of green initiatives, five years earlier than originally planned.

The plan is part of the prime minister's mission and will mobilize £12 billion in public investment to create and sustain up to 250,000 highly skilled green business jobs. At the center of his plan are industrial areas in the UK that will foster a green industrial revolution and create green jobs and industries of the future.

Among its ten points, electric vehicles occupy a separate place. "Electric vehicles: Backing our world-leading car manufacturing bases including in the West Midlands, North East and North Wales to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, and transforming our national infrastructure to better support electric vehicles."

The Prime Minister confirmed that the UK will stop selling new gasoline and diesel cars and vans by 2030. This in turn will lead to a boom in electric vehicle sales.

Considering Tesla's technological superiority and the release of a $25,000 electric car from the company in a few years, Tesla is primed to be one of the main benefactors of this accelerated ICE ban. Also, soon the California-based company will start production of vehicles at Giga Berlin, which will make its cars even more accessible to UK residents.

To support this acceleration, the Prime Minister has announced:

  • £1.3 billion to accelerate the rollout of chargepoints for electric vehicles in homes, streets and on motorways across England, so people can more easily and conveniently charge their cars.
  • £582 million in grants for those buying zero or ultra-low emission vehicles to make them cheaper to buy and incentivize more people to make the transition.
  • Nearly £500 million to be spent in the next four years for the development and mass-scale production of electric vehicle batteries

Johnson said:

"Although this year has taken a very different path to the one we expected, I haven't lost sight of our ambitious plans to level up across the country. My Ten Point Plan will create, support and protect hundreds of thousands of green jobs, whilst making strides towards net zero by 2050."

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