Ukraine Ministry of Health says 590 SpaceX Starlink user terminals will be deployed to Hospitals across the country

Ukraine Ministry of Health says 590 SpaceX Starlink user terminals will be deployed to Hospitals across the country

Russian soldiers invaded Ukraine 33 days ago, their aggression has affected the lives of millions and caused the destruction of important infrastructures across the country. Civilian casualties and injuries have put emergency response teams on high alert. After Russian soldiers started to destroy communication’s infrastructures, Ukrainian authorities feared that it would leave its brave teams without a reliable way to maintain communication in order to coordinate civilian safety and rescue operations. 

The Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov asked SpaceX founder Elon Musk for help with connecting communities to the Starlink broadband constellation soon after Russian soldiers attacked the country on February 24. SpaceX rapidly delivered thousands of Starlink user terminals that actively provide internet service to the war-torn country. 

SpaceX’s constellation of approximately 2,200 internet-beaming satellites ensures Ukrainian residents can maintain reliable internet service to communicate. The Ukraine Ministry of Health says a total of 590 SpaceX Starlink user terminals will be delivered to hospitals and health centers, according to Ukrinform, a Ukrainian news source. "Starlink global satellite stations [user antennas] are already being deployed in healthcare facilities around the country. Thanks to SpaceX's broadband satellite, our hospitals will always be able to remain connected. This is extremely important in times of war," said Ukraine’s Health Minister Viktor Liashko.

The Starlink user terminal is very easy to install with an App that provides instructions for setting up the network. Starlink became the most downloaded App in Ukraine, according to data by Sensor Tower. Ever since the company delivered Starlink user terminals to Ukraine, global downloads of the Starlink App via Google Play and the Apple App Store have more than tripled during the past weeks. The Starlink App has been downloaded a total of 98,000 times across Ukraine as of March 14th. For information about the Starlink internet service, visit SpaceX's official website

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